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A Guide to Proper Bra Fitting
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Bra Fit Tips or how NOT to be part of the 85% of Women Wearing the Wrong Size Bra
A good guide for bra fitting is to work with a professional, such as the fitters at Saxon-Kent, once a year unless your body has undergone physical changes necessitating another fitting. Measuring or fitting, as we prefer, is an art, not a science.
Band Size
First measure your trunk at the bra band line keeping your tape measure parallel with the ground. Add 5 inches to that measurement. For instance, if you measure 29 inches, then 29 plus 5 equals 34 inches, your band size. Bear in mind that this measurement is more likely to be accurate in the smaller band sizes.
Cup Size
In order to measure for the cup size, while in your bra measure around the fullest part of your bust. Then, subtract the band size (ie 29 + 5 or 34) from the number around the fullest part of your bust. Each inch represents a cup size. For instance, if your band is 34 inches and your bust is 36 inches, the two inch difference indicates you should be wearing a "B" cup.
A great fitting bra shouldn´t dig, pull, poke or otherwise feel uncomfortable. Always sit down, bend over and move around when you are trying on a bra. A tee shirt will let you know how the bra will look under clothes.
Many factors can cause a change in bra size such as pregnancy, exercise, birth control pills, menopause and weight fluctuation. The average woman´s bra size will change six times during the course of her life.
Sometimes a perfect fit can only be achieved by an alteration. Saxon-Kent has a seamstress on staff for just this reason.
Bras, with the proper care, can be expected to last four to six months if you are working with three or four bras for everyday wear. We encourage bra fittings on average once a year. But, we encourage bra replenishment two or three times a year. Towards that end we have developed our WEB LOYALTY PROGRAM for some of our more popular bras.
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