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Making an effort to take your breast health into consideration is an excellent choice to make. Research shows a strong link between increased physical activity and reduced breast cancer risk. Furthermore, ill-fitting bras can cause you headaches, back aches and stress. Many women wear bras that fit poorly and leave marks and indents on their skin. This is particularly bad for blood and lymphatic system flow.

We care about your health at Saxon-Kent and strongly recommend:
Learn how to do a proper breast self-examination (BSE) and have a clinical breast examination at your annual medical checkup. Determine your risk factors and discuss these with your doctor so that you can decide when to start having regular mammograms.
Decide to love your breasts. Remember comfort comes from having a good fit.
A bra band must fit snugly to the chest, just below the breast, so that your breast weight will be transferred to it. When the bra band is loose, the shoulder straps take the weight. This sets off a chain reaction; shoulder straps get tightened, causing the back of your bra to ride up and the straps to dig into your shoulders.

Getting a professional bra fitting will make sure you get the right bra, a bra which both enhances your wellbeing and appearance. And you may want to get a couple of good sports bras for added support when you are exercising.
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