Manage Your Conditions With the Use of Our Comfortable Compression Garments

Gradient compression garments promotes better blood flow and helps prevent pooling of fluid in the body. The professional staffs at Saxon-Kent Boutique are pleased to fit products that are used to manage your lymphatic and venous conditions. 

We are happy to work with your physician or therapist to provide you the products you need to recover. Call us for more information.
Compression Garments

Complete Selection of Compression Garments

  • Compression sleeves
  • Body wraps
  • Gauntlets
  • Ready wraps
  • Recovery garments
  • Compression bras
Compression Garments

Our Compression Garments Are Competitively Priced

Many of our products are covered under your insurance plans, but for those that aren’t, you are guaranteed the most affordable pricing around. Visit our boutique and get the perfect fitting compression garment for you.
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"Terrific experience! We went for wedding undergarments and fitting, and it was just wonderful."
Lis H.

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